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Dreams and Visions

  • How do you see dreams?
  • How do you manage your dreams?
  • Is dream real to you?

Dreams play a significant role in our lives. Neuroscientists theorize that we need dreams in order to replenish ourselves.

Scriptures mention dreams and visions 224 times! One third of the bible pertains to visions and dreams. God came to Abraham to tell him that his heirs would number more than the stars. Jacob dreamt of angels climbing up and down a ladder that went up to heaven, then later he wrestled with an angel in a dream. Joseph (old testament) dreamt of the sun, moon and eleven stars bowing down to him. The Magi’s dream warned the three kings to evade Herod. Joseph’s (new testament) dream directed him to flee Egypt with Mary and the angel Gabriel came to Mary to foretell of the birth of Jesus.

And just as fascinating; Beatle John McCartney composed the entire melody to the song “Yesterday” in a dream. The inventor Elias Howe invented the first lock-stitch sewing machine from a dream he had. Champion golfer Jack Nicklaus was experiencing a slump in his golf game back in 1964. He had a dream in which he was holding his golf club differently. Upon awakening he applied his new “grip” to his real life game and literally overnight he became and continued to be a golfing sensation.

If dreams play such an important part in the Bible, it seems natural to assume that God’s spirit can come to us too in our dreams. Just maybe it is God’s way to penetrate our soul in order to communicate his love at a time when we need him most

Rethink if you really don’t care about dreams, it means a lot…