Ten Commandments For Integrated Life

1. Each day is an Invitation… Look at every day as a GIFT from God. Each day is a change to invest more in life; a chance to work, play, laugh, wonder and reflect. It is an invitation to shed yesterday’s skin; to stand and stare at a blade of grass; to listen to the noise of flowers blooming, and rain-drops fallings… When the sun sets down, don’t cry, because the tears may blur your eyes in such a way that you will not be able to see the starts shining up above.

2. Think Globally and Act Locally… Think of BIG thoughts. Don’t settle with smaller ones. Yet don’t forget to relish the small joys as well, like a joke, a favorite pickle, to give a smile, and to enjoy a gesture of kindness. Have great dreams, for when dreams die, we die. Remember, dreams are not those that you get during your sleep, but dreams that won’t allow you to sleep.

3. Be imaginative and innovative in life… Build castles in the air, but at the same time don’t fail to build at least a small hut on the ground. Yes, that is the beauty of thinking globally and acting locally.

4. Make the best with what is available… Don’t wait for fortunes to come to you; make things happen; don’t wait for things to happen to you. Don’t hide yourself under the banner of fate or luck in life. It is not what happens that determines your future, but what you do about what happens to you.

5. Give and give cheerfully… For what is more important in life is not what you receive, but what you give. When you give, you fulfill the very existential quality of being a human. Yes, if you are always at the receiving end, it is not a complete human existence, because it demands to give and receive. God loves a cheerful giver, because He himself is basically a GIVER.

6. Be happy, here and now… Don’t postpone the joy till the end of the journey. If you can’t enjoy the journey along the way, you can’t enjoy at the destination either. Remember, happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the way.

7. Let the Past teach you, not trouble you… Don’t allow the past to negatively interface with your present and future. If you always keep looking behind, to regret over the lost opportunities and to worry about the past sins of commission and omission, you can’t look ahead and walk further. Forget the past and trusting the Lord, focus on what is ahead, as St. Paul did.

8. Consistency shapes your life… Be positive consistent. Your happiness depends on consistency. No one, of course, can be 100% consistent, except God. Only He can maintain consistency among His words, deeds and thoughts. But try to minimize inconsistencies in your life. Remember, the basic rule: keep consistency and consistency will keep you.

9. Be cheerful… Everyone loves and likes a cheerful person. Make others feel great. What you tell people may be forgotten easily, what you give them, may be remembered for sometimes, but how you make them feel, will never be forgotten. Develop a sense of humour, which distinguishes humans from other creatures. No one can make you unhappy, unless you allow yourself to be. For happiness is an inside job.

10. Finally, Be Virtuous, and be free from anxiety… Be wise and be free from perplexity… Be brave and be free from fear… Be faithful and be free from meaninglessness… yes, remember Einstein’s word:”What can be counted does not really count in life, and what really counts in life cannot be counted”.

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